June 2016 TCSD Foundation Grant Awards

Classroots: A Farm-to-School Experience

Melissa Bryant, Hope Lewis. Gail Brisson, $1,500 Classroots plans to connect local farmers, chefs, small-scale food producers, and researchers with the school community to promote nutrition, an awareness of local food production & culture, and to begin to establish relationships that could lead to internship & employment opportunities for high school students and graduates. Classroots will be a campus-wide celebration Friday, October 7, and will include art and music students. Chefs, farmers, and local food producers (including students who are beekeepers or who garden, raise animals, and cook) will lead demonstrations and activities.

Hoophouse Fiesta: Growing Salsa & Sustainability

Melissa Bryant, Gail Brisson, Alan Vogel, $750 Hoophouse Fiesta plans to establish an on-campus garden and hoop house so that TCSD Middle School students can grow greens, tomatoes, hot peppers, and herbs. Students will then use these ingredients to make salsa and other products that can be sold to staff. This project will invite local experts to share their knowledge with students about plant science, hydroponic gardens, sustainable agriculture, plant-breeding, and the basics of planting and growing. TCSD STEM students will be mentored through the design and construction of the hoop house.

Active Afterschool

Ulysses Philomathic Library, $250 Active Afterschool will support the library’s very active afternoons at the library program with the addition of new games for students. Many students hang out at the library between three and five in the afternoon, more resources are needed to help them occupy those two hours in a way that engages them in recreation and learning, and allows other library patrons to continue working in an environment that meets their expectations. Upper elementary and middle School students are the primary target for these resources.

“School of Fish” Student Mosaic Mural, Part 2

$1,200 This award will finish the installation of a K-12 collaborative mosaic mural with the help of local artist, Denise Milito. Engaging and actively involving the entire school in its design and creation, this 9’ x 15’ mosaic mural will be permanently installed on the exterior wall of the high school gym foyer. All k-12th grade students made their own individual tile for the mosaic at various times throughout the 2015-2016 school year.