2012 Teacher Grant Awards

The following grant awards totaling $5,131 were made during 2012: Elementary School Reading Buddies Program  --  Gail Brisson Created “Reading Buddy Bins” organized around social studies topics, adding to resources already in place. The Reading Buddies Program pairs older and younger students to read and discuss books together, fostering both literacy and social studies goals. Teachers are developing lesson materials and activities for the books in the bins. The topics supported by this grant include Martin Luther King, Jr., Women’s History and United States Presidents. Elementary teachers and the elementary librarian worked together to select titles addressing the social studies curriculum and the Common Core Standards.

High School Living Environment Students-Floating Classroom --  Sue Stein Students participate in an ecology field trip aboard the Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom research vessel. Students learn and conduct data collecting techniques; their data is added to a Citizen Science database. Students also take a walking, working field trip up Taughannock Creek to learn firsthand about stream ecology and geology. These outdoor experiences are prepared for and followed up with classroom discussion, graphing activities and written analysis questions.

Ulysses Philomathic Library New Technology Two LeapFrog LeapPads were purchased to encourage young patrons (ages 2-5) and parents to enjoy stories and games in the development of early literacy skills. A family workshop teaching and exploring technology and literacy is planned.

Trumansburg Central School, Grades K-12   Youth Art Month  -- Ellen Pennock  Activities and special workshops planned by the K-12 art department will engage students during Youth Art Month (March 2013) and in February, March and April.  Workshops in these three months will include four aspects and interpretations of plaster casting. A “March Madness” artists study and selection of favorites in each school will culminate in a professional artist ‘winner.’ The style of last year’s winner, Andy Goldsworthy, will be the inspiration for a planned outdoor school/community snow-art project. A K-12 Art show featuring student workshop art will be held in March. TCSD Foundation funds will provide resources for publicity, art materials for workshops and artist fees.

Middle School New Leaf Club Resources  --  Jennie Owens  The New Leaf Club is an extra-curricular opportunity for students in grades 5-8. The club activities support and teach healthy life style choices.  It was a pilot program last year. This year, the club has expanded in the number of students participating, with twice as many members. Many community members have volunteered time to share expertise with students. TCSD Foundation funds will help provide materials for students and nutritious snacks and cooking supplies.

Middle School 7th Grade Corning Museum of Glass Field Trip  -- Amanda Colunio All 7th grade students will participate in a guided tour of the Corning Glass Museum; tours are developed and led by the museum’s education staff and docents and complement the NYS curriculum. All students will participate in a hands-on glassmaking experience in one of the museum’s workshops. TCSD Foundation funds will support Museum expenses for this trip.

Elementary School Food Literacy Program   --  Jeanie Wiggins  The Food Literacy Program provides nutrition education in every elementary classroom, K-4th grade. The program was developed by the Food Studies Institute. The nutrition educators in the classroom include the school’s food service employees, as well as a trained food educator and volunteers. The program has a good record of encouraging children to try and also prepare nutritious foods. The program receives additional funding support from other philanthropic foundations as well as some food donations from local CSAs and businesses. TCSD Foundation funds will help provide supplies and resources for classroom activities.

Thank you to all of our generous donors for making these grants possible and the resulting educational opportunities for our students.

Our next Teacher Grants cycle begins May 1, 2013!